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The Library welcomes recommendations from staff and students, provided they are current editions and support the learning, teaching and research interests of the University. Make your request through the Collection Recommendation Service.

New Journals
Library News for Learning and Teaching

🔎 Webinar: Wednesday 12:00 30th March - Research Ethics with Steve Dixon-Smith and Katie Mander, Learning Development Tutors.

🚺 Feminism reading list - check out the new Feminism reading list, which highlights resources on cyberfeminism, black and queer feminism and more! Click on the “table of contents” to view books that are related to fashion.

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ reading list - have you seen the LGBTQ+ reading list, which highlights recommended resources available in the library?

The library offers over 200,000 print and electronic books.  Print books are arranged by shelf number, which are found using LibrarySearch and on the book binding, the most relevant numbers are -

Subject Shelf Number
Research methods 001.43
Education theory 370.1
Educational psychology 370.15
Action research in education 370.72
Teaching methods 371.1
Teaching in higher education 378.17
Curriculum design 378.199
Arts education 707.1

Journals provide up to date research in your area of study, they may be available in print or electronic format and can be found using LibrarySearch. A list of all current journals can be found using the Journals A-Z, the most relevant are -

Databases bring together specialist collections of articles, images and electronic books. A list of all current databases can be found using the Databases A-Z, the most relevant are -

Moving Image Resources
Image Resources
Podcast Resources

Archives offer access to rare and unique insight into the work of artists and creators, and often include original letters and artwork. Details of all the collections can be found in the ArchiveSearch, the most relevant for learning and teaching are -

Artists BooksArtists Books
Are works of art in a book, or book-like form. The appearance and production of the work is determined by the artist as a limited edition. Digitised front covers can be viewed in ResourceBank

undefinedDiagram Group Archive​
Founded by Bob Chapman and Bruce Robertson in 1960’s. Diagram was one of the most prolific creators of visual information books in the 20th century – we care for most of its manuscripts and art works.

Typographic CircleTypographic Circle​​
Poster collection (2008 - 2015). Founded by Maggie Lewis in 1976, Typographic Circle brought together people with an interest in typography and type.