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Academic Skills Framework

The Academic Skills Framework seeks to ensure that students have the appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence to find and use library and learning resources and services effectively to enable them to reach their academic potential.

Theme Unit Aim
Induction Learn to Learn Enables students to recognise the key elements of academic success and develop appropriate learning strategies.
Induction Using the Library Enables students to make effective use of library resources and services to stimulate their academic and creative practice.
Induction Referencing and Academic Integrity Enables students to appreciate the importance of academic integrity and develop the skills needed to reference information sources appropriately.
Induction Studying Online Enables students to learn and engage effectively and safely in an online environment.
Planning and Organisation Managing own Learning Enables students to manage their time to become motivated and confident, selfdirected and independent learners.
Planning and Organisation Managing Information Enables students to have the skills to confidently create, manage and share information.
Collaboration and Communication Collaboration Enables students to confidently foster and maintain effective learning and professional working relationships.
Collaboration and Communication Communicating Ideas Enables students to confidently and effectively communicate, present and share their academic and creative practice.
Research and Using Information Search Strategies Enables students to identify keywords from assignment briefs and develop effective and meaningful search strategies.
Research and Using Information Subject Searching Enables students to develop knowledge of subject specific search tools and information sources such as databases and journals and apply these effectively.
Research and Using Information Advanced Research Enables students to develop knowledge of more complex research techniques such as exploring primary sources and archives.
Research and Using Information Evaluating Information Enables students to confidently and effectively find, evaluate and use information sources.
Research and Using Information Finding and Using Images Enables students to effectively find and know how to use images and visual media ethically and legally to underpin and enhance their practice.
Research and Using Information Critical Thinking Enables students to reflect, evaluate, think critically, and apply theory to practice.
Assessment and Feedback Understanding Assessment Enables students to develop an understanding of assessment and deliver effective and appropriate responses.
Assessment and Feedback Reading to Write Enables students to gather, understand and organise concepts, theories and arguments effectively.
Assessment and Feedback Learning from Feedback Enables students to learn from feedback and how to apply this effectively within their academic and creative practice.
Reflection Reflecting on Learning Enables students to understand their learning journey and where they need to go next to reach their academic potential.

The Library will review this Framework every year and any significant changes will be considered and approved by the Education Committee.

January 2024
Review: January 2025