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Collections Development Policy

The University will develop and maintain its collections to stimulate and inspire creativity and promote excellence in learning, teaching and research.

In adopting a strategic approach to its collections development the University will ensure they are discipline focused; stimulate excellence in learning and teaching; inspire creativity and independent learning; and promote a vibrant research culture which is recognised nationally and internationally.

Within this remit is the continuing commitment to diversifying the collection to include under-represented voices and identities and promote an international focus.

Each year the University will allocate funding to the Library which has the responsibility for advancing this Policy.  The Library will manage this funding in accordance with the following priorities -

Reading Lists
Essential and Recommended Reading will be selected and maintained by the Library in accordance with the Reading List and Acquisitions Policies.

Collection Enhancement
In liaison with professional support and academic colleagues the Library will identify resources which supplement Essential and Recommended Reading and which will stimulate and inspire creativity, independent learning and enhance the student experience.

Research Support
The Library will work with the research community to select, manage and publish the University's research outputs, associated metadata and supporting information.

Where supplementary formats exist the Library will consider costs, effectiveness and accessibility when seeking to acquire the most suitable formats in accordance with current and anticipated future needs of the University.

The Library will consider accepting donations which enhance its collections in accordance with the priorities identified by this Policy and the requirements of the Acquisitions Policy.  Further information can be found in the Donations Policy.

The Library will ensure that the collections are:

  • described and catalogued to appropriate international and national standards
  • discoverable in line with best practice using appropriate tools and services
  • accessible according to the format and licensing restrictions.

External Collections
In addition to the resources acquired and held in the collections, the University participates in several reciprocal schemes which provide the academic community with access to a wide range external collections and resources.

Collections Management
The Library will review its collections regularly to ensure they continue to meet the ongoing needs of the academic community and in accordance with the priorities identified by this Policy and requirements of the Acquisitions Policy.   Further details of withdrawal can be found in the Review & Withdrawal Policy.

The Library will review this Policy every year and any significant changes will be considered and approved by the Director of Student Services.


January 2024
Review: January 2025