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What is Heritage?

"For us, heritage can be anything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations."

Debbie Cooper, Engagement Manager for England, Midlands and East at The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Zandra Rhodes' Heritage

Zandra Rhodes' Heritage tells the story of the British fashion industry and speaks to the culture and society of Britain over more than five decades. Legendary fashion journalist Hilary Alexander, writing for Rankin's Hunger Magazine, described Zandra Rhodes' career as:

"…a trip on The Who's 'Magic Bus', with stops whenever, wherever anything was happening - the Swinging Sixties, psychedelia, flower power, punk, Kensington Palace, glam rock, Hollywood, medievalism, the red carpet, royalty, New Romantics, Indian mysticism."

For the first time we are cataloguing and digitally photographing jewellery, headpieces and accessories, which were created for specific Zandra Rhodes' fashion shows. We are also expanding and building upon digital content created during the first Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection (JISC, 2011-13).

Young people will engage with Heritage from Zandra Rhodes' archive of dresses, textile prints, including mirrored jewellery by Andrew Logan, and headpieces by milliners Stephen Jones and Piers Atkinson.

The Project Manager Outreach will support the young people to explore their own heritage.