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Copyright Policy

This Policy defines the principles by which the University, its staff and students, use third party content to foster, support and enhance learning, teaching and research while remaining compliant with UK copyright legislation.

Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property that protects creative works and prevents others from using the work without permission.  Copyright protection is automatic in the UK and does not need to be registered.

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) the University will acquire University wide licences to permit multiple copying of in-copyright content for the purposes of teaching.

Members of staff, students and others working for or on behalf of the University are required to observe and comply with this Policy.

The Library is responsible for the provision of information, advice and guidance on the appropriate use of third party copyright content for learning, teaching and research; and for the administration of the University’s HEI Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence and Educational Recording Agency (ERA) Licence.

Copyright Exceptions
The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) defines a number of exceptions to permit the use of in-copyright work for limited educational purposes such as private study, research for non-commercial use and criticism and review.  It is the responsibility of staff and students to ensure they are using content legally, the Library offers information, advice and guidance on the scope and potential limitations of these legal exceptions to University students and staff.

Copyright Clearance
Staff and students are required to check the copyright status of content they wish to use.  If content is in-copyright staff and students must ensure that the intended use is covered by legal exception, by a licence or that they have permission from the rights owner.  The use of in-copyright content should always be acknowledged and should not impact on the rights owners’ ability to profit from their work.

Copyright Notices
The University will place copyright notices in all areas of the physical libraries and adjacent to relevant scanning equipment, providing guidance on legal copying for the purposes of teaching,  non- commercial research and private study.  In accordance with copyright licences the University will place cover notices on all third party content uploaded to the University’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Risk Management
When ownership cannot be clearly determined, it may be necessary for the University, staff or students to adopt a risk management approach to using in-copyright content.  Any risk managed approach should be undertaken with due diligence, including but not limited to, rights clearance investigation, contacting representative bodies and contacting relevant rights holders directly if possible.

Take Down
Copyright holders may ask the Library to remove any content which they own if they can provide evidence that their rights have been infringed.  For more information see the Takedown Notice.

Legal Compliance
Infringement of in-copyright content could result in penalties, including but not limited to imprisonment under UK law and/or a fine of up to £50,000.  Individuals who breach copyright law could be held personally liable for their actions.

The Library will review this Policy every year and any significant changes will be considered and approved by the Director of Student Services.


January 2024
Review: January 2025