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Digitisation Studio

Located on the ground floor of the library in Farnham, the Digitisation Studio, has a wide range of specialist equipment -

  • Book Scanner
  • Large A0 + Sheet Feed Rowe Scanner
  • Copystand Photography
  • Photographic Film Digitisation
  • VHS/c60-c90 Tape/Betacam Transfer

These facilities enable University staff and students to digitise their own work, with expert advice and guidance available.  To check availability or book an appointment - book online anytime.

Digitisation workshops, inductions in how to use the equipment and tutorials are also available on either an individual or small group basis. For more information Contact the Library.


The Digitisation Studio is open Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 16:30.

Yes, free to staff and students.

No, we help you create digital copies of your work, but you can print using the library printers or using the Print Bureau.

Contact the Library and we'll see how we can help.

A2 Book Scanner

Our book scanner allows students and staff to scan items up to 18" x 25" (A2+) at a maximum optical resolution of 600dpi. It is ideal for scanning books due to an adjustable cradle which minimises any damage to the book spine..
A0+ Sheet Feed Scanner

Our sheet feed scanner is great for digitising large posters, illustrations, and paintings. Scan up to 44" wide (A0+).and of any length at a maximum optical resolution of 1200dpi. The scanner even raises up to 30mm, so thicker items can be digitised too!
A2 Flat Bed Scanner

This high-resolution scanner can scan up to 18" x 27" (A2+) at a maximum optical resolution of 1200dpi. This scanner is great for digitising detailed illustrations, textile material and delicate items too.

Copystand Photography / Photographic Film Digitisation / Eizo Colour Calibration Monitor

Photograph objects such as ceramics, glass, and jewellery on our infinity table.  We provide use of our Nikon Z7 Mark ii camera along with a selection of lenses to choose from. Don't worry if you haven't used a DSLR camera before, training on how to use the camera is provided as part of the session.

If you have photographic film or slides you would like to digitise, our rapid capture photography set-up allows you to digitise them quickly and easily.

Whilst you are using our photography set-up you can also use our Eizo Colour Calibrated Monitor to check the items you are photographing match their true colour.

Digitisation / Photoshop Advice

If you want any digitisation advice, or help with image editing, we are happy to sit down and help you. We can provide assistance in Adobe Photoshop for beginners and are happy to help with any particular problems you might have.
VHS / c60-c90 Tape / Betacam Transfer

Here in the Digitisation Studio we can help you digitise analogue tapes such as VHS, VHS-C, Betacam and, c60 and c90tapes. If you have any other format of analogue tape you would like digitised do ask, as we might be able to help you digitise them too!


If you would like any further information about the Digitisation Studio and the services we provide do pop by for a chat, we are based on the ground floor of the Elaine Thomas Library, or drop us an email at