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Dissertations and Theses Policy

The Library acquires, manages and publishes digital copies of dissertations and theses.  The collection underpins and enhances learning, teaching and research practice as well as the reputation of the University.

Dissertations and theses will be deposited in the University Library in digital format.

A copy of all undergraduate dissertations awarded 70% or above will be deposited automatically by the Library.  In addition dissertations awarded between 65% and 69% may be deposited at the discretion of the School and Programme Directors.

Schools and Programme Directors can request all Masters dissertations awarded 65% or above to be deposited.

All successful theses will be deposited.

Collection Management
All dissertations will be managed for a minimum of three years using a protected file format and access restricted to the University community.

All theses deposited will be stored in perpetuity, these will be published on an Open Access basis by the University and therefore will be available to the wider community.

Research students, with the support of their supervisor, may request an embargo, restricted access, or the removal of their thesis from online publication by the University.

If a complaint is received and upheld, a thesis may be withdrawn from publication by the University.

Campus Registry will provide details of all dissertations marked 70% or more to the Library.

Schools or Programme Directors will provide details of dissertations to be deposited by the Library.

The Doctoral College will provide the Library with details of theses for deposit.

The Library is responsible for the deposit, management and publication of deposited dissertations and theses. 

Copyright and Intellectual Property
Dissertations are retained for non-commercial purposes under the terms of the University Terms and Conditions.  Theses are retained under the terms of the deposit agreement signed on submission.

Dissertations and theses remain the intellectual property of the author.  

Research students are responsible for ensuring that permissions have been obtained for any third party copyrighted materials, or that these are removed if permission cannot be secure before deposit.

The Library will review this Policy every year and any significant changes will be considered and approved by the Director of Student Services.


January 2024
Review: January 2025