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Donations Policy

The University will consider accepting donations which enhance its collections in accordance with the priorities identified by the Collections Development Policy.

Acceptance Criteria
The Library will assess offers of donation and only accept if items -

  • fall within the collection priorities identified by the Collections Development Policy; and
  • satisfy the requirements of the Acquisitions Policy; and
  • meets the requirements of the Review & Withdrawal Policy; and
  • are free from all restrictions, including but not limited to location, ownership, usage, and disposal; and
  • are complete and in a good physical condition, and
  • are current, accurate and accessible; and
  • can be legally, contractually and ethically be used by the University; and
  • can be processed within existing resources.

Donation lists should be sent to the Library for review.  Items that are brought in speculatively for donation maybe refused.

Donation lists will be reviewed against the assessment criteria outlined in this Policy.  If  items are selected for donation the donor will be invited to bring the selected items into the Library for final assessment and donation will be confirmed or items returned.

Items which are urgently required for learning, teaching and research will be processed and added to the University collection as soon as practically possible.  Otherwise items and substantial donations will be stored until resources become available to process.

Bookplates giving brief details of the donor may be inserted at the discretion of the University.

Archives & Special Collections
The University operates a separate Archives & Special Collections Policy which outlines how the University handles offers of archival materials.

The Library will review this Policy every year and any significant changes will be considered and approved by the Director of Student Services.


January 2024
Review: January 2025