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The Library welcomes recommendations from staff and students, provided they are current editions and support the learning, teaching and research interests of the University. Make your request through the Collection Recommendation Service.

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Library News for Graphic Design

  • Have you checked to see what is on offer in the Library's Autumn 2023 webinar programme?
  • New Reading List: a reading list of texts on LGBTQA+ has been created by staff in the library, the list has material available in the library on LGBTQ+ in society as well as texts that are more specific to subject areas at UCA.
  • A new database, Statista, has been added to the Library databases. Statista offers insights and facts across 170 industries and 150+ countries which could be useful for researching company logos etc.. You will need your University login to access the database. 
Subject Shelf Number
Advertising 659.1
Bookbinding 686.3
Book Illustration 741.609
Computer Software 006.68
Colour Theory 752
Drawing and Illustration 743.7
Graphic Design 741.6092
Graphic Design Theory 741.6072
Graphic Storytelling 741.5
Magazine design/layout 741.65
Posters and advertisements 741.674
Printing Making 760.028
Type & Typography 686.224

Journals provide up to date research in your area of study, they may be available in print or electronic format and can be found using LibrarySearch. A list of all current journals can be found using the Journals A-Z, the most relevant are -

Databases bring together specialist collections of articles, images and electronic books. A list of all current databases can be found using the Databases A-Z, the most relevant are -

Moving Image Resources
Podcast Resources
Image Resources

Archives offer access to rare and unique insight into the work of artists and creators, and often include original letters and artwork. Details of all the collections can be found in the ArchiveSearch, the most relevant for graphic design are -

Artists BooksArtists Books
Are works of art in a book, or book-like form. The appearance and production of the work is determined by the artist as a limited edition.
Digitised front covers can be viewed in ResourceBank

Godfrey ArchiveBob Godfrey Archive
Internationally celebrated animator who founded the Animation programme at UCA Farnham – we hold his scripts, storyboards, correspondence, and animation cels.
A selection of of animations are available on ResourceBank

The bookRoom is a research cluster based in Farnham since 2004, under the leadership of Emmanuelle Waeckerle. The bookRoom collection consists of publish artists books and editions works that operates across various time-based media, photography, moving image, writing and performance.
A selection of digitised books can be viewed here

undefinedBusiness Card Collection
​A unique private collection – 240,000 business cards from across the world dating from the mid-nineteenth century demonstrating the development of the business calling card as a medium of advertising.

undefinedDiagram Group Archive​
Founded by Bob Chapman and Bruce Robertson in 1960’s. Diagram was one of the most prolific creators of visual information books in the 20th century – we care for most of its manuscripts and art works.

Foundry TypesFoundry Types
Freda Sack and David Quay, the creators of Foundry Types, eight concept designs of NatWest fonts produced pre 2001, showing work in progress and different types of typography.

Kirstian AndrewsKristian Andrews
Animators storyboards and ink drawings from 'Rabbit Punch', an autobiographical film on his life growing up.
A selection of animations are available on ResourceBank

Stuart HiltonStuart Hilton
Artwork of an experimental documentary for '6 Weeks in June', 1996. A road animation of 11000 miles around the USA in six weeks in the back of a van with a band, a pen, and a stack of paper.

Tandem FilmsTandem Film Daniel Greaves Studios
​Animations produced by Tandem Films including ‘Flatworld’ (1997) and ‘Manipulation’ (1991) - this collection consists storyboards, scripts, and artworks.
A selection of animations are available on ResourceBank

Typographic CircleTypographic Circle​​
Poster collection (2008 - 2015). Founded by Maggie Lewis in 1976, Typographic Circle brought together people with an interest in typography and type.

Working Press ArchiveWorking Press Archive
Books by and about working class artists and other marginalised groups of artist. Collected by Stefan Szczelkun,1986-1996 - contains correspondence, conference material, publicity, published book collection, pamphlets and zines. Working Press Zine front covers on ResourceBank

Are a unique form of self-expression “do it yourself“ magazines.  They cover any subject, common themes include feminism, music, politics, activism, literature, personal, crafts, art and design, and travel. Available at Canterbury, Epsom, and Farnham.
Digitised front covers can be viewed in ResourceBank