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International Men's Day

Celebrating the work of Mahtab Hussain
Mahtab Hussain is a British photographer whose work explores themes of heritage, identity and displacement, with a particular focus on young, working-class Asian men.

What Do Artists Do All Day - Mahtab Hussain from Toral Dixit on Vimeo
What Do Artists Do All Day?
Documentary following photographer Mahtab Hussain, known for his portraits of working-class Muslim men exploring masculinity and self-esteem, on his latest project.

British, Muslim, Male: Am I a stereotype?
Mahtab Hussain's photographic portraits of Muslim men in the UK explore complex themes of identity and marginalisation. He says Muslim men in Britain have had a "plethora of labels" thrown on them - from terrorist to sexual groomer - and that they are struggling to find their place in society.