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New Books

The Library welcomes recommendations from staff and students, provided they are current editions and support the learning, teaching and research interests of the University. Make your request through the Collection Recommendation Service.

New Journals
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The library offers over 200,000 print and electronic books.  Print books are arranged by shelf number, which are found using LibrarySearch and on the book binding, the most relevant numbers are -

Subject Shelf Number
Digital sound recording 006.5
Music and society 306.4842
Sound in films and videos 777.53
Sound recordings and video recordings of music 780.26
Music and digital technology 780.285
Music marketing 780.68
Composition 781.3
Music recording 781.49
Music for specific media (film, radio, television) 781.54
Popular music 781.64
Songs and song writing 782.42
Instruments 784-788

Journals provide up to date research in your area of study, they may be available in print or electronic format and can be found using LibrarySearch. A list of all current journals can be found using the Journals A-Z, the most relevant are -

Databases bring together specialist collections of articles, images and electronic books. A list of all current databases can be found using the Databases A-Z, the most relevant are -

Moving Image Resources
Image Resources

Archives offer access to rare and unique insight into the work of artists and creators, and often include original letters and artwork. Details of all the collections can be found in the ArchiveSearch, the most relevant for architecture are -

Stour ValleyStour Valley Arts
An arts organisation which engaged the public through commissioned art projects in the context of King’s Wood, Ashford, Kent from 1994 to 2015 -  inspiring resource for those studying sculpture, land art, and art in the public realm.