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Requesting Resources

The Click & Collect service enables staff and students to request up to 10 loans at a time which can be collected from your campus library.  This includes items at your home campus (7-day, 3-week, and DVD loans) as well as DVD and 3-week loans from any other campus library.

Use LibrarySearch to find what you are looking for, login to your Library account and place a Click & Collect on the item.  When your item is ready for collection you'll receive an email confirming how to collect your item - if the item is on the shelf this may take up to three working days; longer if it is being recalled from another borrower or located at another campus library.

If you only need a single chapter or journal article you can request a scan for your personal study and research using Scan & Deliver - or - if you require resources not available in the University collection - you can use Document Supply to request items from other libraries in the UK - for more information click on the Document Supply tab.

To make a request -

  • Go to LibrarySearch and select the item you wish to request.
  • Click on the blue ‘Click & Collect’ button.
  • Log in to your Library Account using your usual UCA username and password.
  • Click 'Place Click & Collect(s)’.


You can request 10 items at a time - subject to your usual borrowing limits. See Borrowing, Renewals and Accounts for more information.

An email will be sent to your University email address to let you know when items are ready for collection from your campus library.

If the item is on the shelf this may take up to three working days; longer if it is being recalled from another borrower or located at another campus library.

Items will be issued for 3 weeks initially and will be renewed automatically as normal. See the Borrowing, Renewals and Accounts for more information.

All loans should be returned to your campus library.

If you need access to an item that isn't in the University collection (either in print or electronic format) then you can make a Document Supply request.


This service is available free of charge to undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff, subject to an annual fair usage limit.  The service can supply the following types of resources -

  • books and book chapters
  • journal articles
  • published conference papers
  • doctoral theses

To make a request -

  1. Use LibrarySearch to check the item you are looking for isn't in the library collection.  If the item is available, but not at your campus, you can use Click & Collect to make a request.  If it is not available - 
  2. Browse to your Library Account where you will be logged in automatically to complete a Document Supply request form.
  3. Select the type of publication you are requesting using the pull-down menu.
  4. Fill in the request form with as much information as possible. The minimum information required is an author and a title. If you require a specific edition of a book, please specify which edition you need in the ‘Comments’ area of the form.
  5. Click Submit.

If you have any questions about Document Supply please get in touch -

There is an annual fair usage limit on the number of Document Supply requests that will be processed free of charge for each UCA student or staff member within a single academic year (September - August). This limit is in place due to the high cost to the University of processing Document Supply requests. Annual limits are as follows -

User Type Annual Fair Usage Limit
Undergraduate student 8 requests
Masters student 15 requests
Research student 25 requests (plus 2 thesis digitisation requests via EThOS)
Academic staff 25 requests (plus 2 thesis digitisation requests via EThOS)
Professional staff 15 requests

Should you wish to make requests beyond your fair usage limit, this is possible but such requests will be chargeable at the subsidised rate of £8.00 per request.

The service is open to UK campus-based -

  • higher education students (undergraduate and Masters)
  • research students (PhD/MPhil)
  • staff

Document Supply items that are not returned by the stated due date will be subject to fines of 50p a day this is because they do not belong to the University collection.

If you lose a Document Supply item you will be charged the full replacement cost - this charge is set by the library which owns the book and will often be considerably higher than the retail price.

Document Supply will send an email to your UCA email address with instructions on how to read the supplied article. You may need to have a PDF reader installed on your device.

Document Supply loans are not automatically renewed but you can request up to two renewals on each loan. To renew contact your campus library before the due date. If you do not renew before the due date then you will be charged a fine of 50p per day until the loan is returned. Document Supply renewals are subject to the agreement of the library that owns the book and are not guaranteed.

There are various reasons why a request may be cancelled -

  • the item is already available in the University collection, either online or via Click & Collect
  • the item is unavailable from any other UK library
  • you have exceeded your annual fair usage allowance for requests and do not wish to pay for a further request
  • you have an account block due to outstanding loans which have not been returned.

If your request has to be cancelled you will receive an email outlining why.

On average, it takes around 10 days for items to arrive. It can take longer than this if we are not able to get an item from the British Library or your request is placed on a waiting list. You should therefore allow at least 10 working days between submitting your request and the date by which you need your item.

You will receive an email to confirm when your request is ready to collect from your campus library. We will also inform you if the request has been cancelled or delayed for any reason. Gateway staff at your campus will let you know either by phone or email when items are available for collection. All email updates will be sent to your University email account, so please remember to check this regularly.

If you only need a single chapter or journal article which is held at any UCA campus you can request a scan for your personal study and research using Scan & Deliver.

Scans supplied are subject to fair dealing and therefore you can request one chapter or 10% from a book or 1 article from a single journal issue.

Scan & Deliver is free  to staff and students.  Requests must be made using the declaration form below.  The scan will be sent within approximately five working days by email.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) lets you record and view TV and radio online from over 75 free-to-air channels, It also gives you access to an archive of over 2 million programmes dating back to the 1970s. 

Once logged in for the first time you can, you'll have your own personal area and can - 

  • create and share your own playlists and clips
  • embed recordings in myUCA (staff only)
  • one-click referencing citation
  • search within transcripts and subtitles
  • use on all sorts of devices
  • request up to 10 programmes per day
  • set up personalised email alerts

undefinedUsing BoB
To use BoB login with your UCA username and password, then - 

  • you will be invited to create an account
  • you'll then receive a confirmation email - be sure to confirm your details
  • once you have confirmed your details anytime you use BoB you’ll just need to choose UCA at the login screen to access.

More information see BoB Video Tutorials.

If your request is available it should be with you within 24 hours. You will receive an email to confirm it is ready to view.

Yes the service is free to University staff and students.

Unfortunately not, these services do not offer free to view channels.

The Library welcomes recommendations from staff and students, provided they are current editions and support the learning, teaching and research interests of the University. Make your request through the Collection Recommendation Service.

Your campus Liaison Librarian will be in touch with you to confirm the recommendation has been accepted for purchase and timescales. If purchase is not possible they'll work with you to identify suitable alternative sources.